We have closed as of September 30, 2019

Beatriz and Carolyn have decided to close the New Day Spa. There are many reasons why we had to make this decision. We thank you, our community and customers for your patronage and support over the 20 years that we have been open. It has been wonderful and our lives has grown because of all of you. We wish you all our heartfelt thanks. Beatriz and Shannon have re-located to Toned on West Main Street. Carolyn is booth renting at the Orr Chiropractor Clinic in Granville. Many Blessings to you all. Beatriz and Carolyn.

Our Story

The New Day Spa offers elegant spa services in a home town atmosphere.  The Spa is designed for individuals drawn to relaxation, relief of tension and pain, or beautifying of their skin. Whether you are seeking a hot stone or a rejuvenating massage, if you’re looking to age-defy or skin repair, or are getting ready for vacation with a wax we have the Spa services for your individual needs.

We have 19 years of commitment to client satisfaction in the same town and the same location.  We use natural products to ensure we do our part to be good stewards to our clients, planet, and community. Our customers receive personalized experience at each visit to address their specific needs followed with detailed education on how to continue care at home.

Our technicians maintain professional license in their respective field with the expectation of continued education to ensure current knowledge base. The staff and owners are respectful and attentive to prospective, new, and established client’s needs, even when those needs cannot be spoken.



The New Day Spa offers Spa services for individuals of any ethnicity, sex, or age.  So come join us today for a unique home town Spa experience and make today a new day at The New Day Spa.  We look forward to seeing you soon, Carolyn Carter and Beatriz Lopez.

Spa Etiquette

Multiple Services

When booking multiple services for a particular day, we will need to reserve a credit card. If you need to cancel or do not show without giving a 24-hour notice there will be a 50% charge of the reserve services to the credit card.

Late Arrival Policy

Clients arriving 10 minutes after the appointment time as a result will receive a shortened service and the service charge will remain the same.  Furthermore, clients arriving 15 minutes after a scheduled appointment will be rescheduled.


If you need to reschedule your appointment, please give 24-hour notice. Consequently appointments neglected or not rescheduled may result in a 50% charge of the service scheduled.


Gratuity is not a part of the price of our services; however, it is appreciated.


If a problem occurs with or during your service, please notify us immediately.

Please Note Prices are subject to change.

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